Is there any tool or software that can detect volatile movement and place orders accordingly?

Sometimes there is a volatile movement in nifty. Coincidentally, I was watching such movement and there was sudden fall in index, during which I could buy put option 11200 and made good amount of money ...but I am watching index every minute so wondering if there is any tool that can detect such change and place a bet on its own or send an alert to cell phone?
Depends on how you are detecting volatility with the naked eye while watching the charts.
e.g. If the range of the bar is 3 X ATR (14) I may count that as high volatility. This can be watched in chart perfectly well using ATR bands, with even 1 minute TF. Add liquidity to it (2 X SMA(25) of Volume), and you may have a working combination.
Now question is if you can watch all these in a 1 minute timeframe on the chart manually, then definitely it can be coded. There could be a slight lag of 15 to 30 seconds in detection, but everytime it happens, it can be detected and then the rest of the part of business as usual - be it placing automatic orders of sending alerts.
I an help you professionally with the code provided you have an account with Zerodha or Upstox. Pls PM me if interested with this.
That's pretty awesome! Are you using any automated trading set up? would love to know more regarding this!
I write my own setups using .Net. But would strongly suggest you back test your strategy before coding it live. If you need professional help for that, pls message me, can help.
Is there any tool or software that can detect volatile movement and place orders accordingly?
Don't know on how to place orders but whenever you see @Zerodha platforms getting stuck or their OMS failing or whenever you see everybody start trolling on this thread - Zerodha Part 3; That's your indicator for Nifty volatility which is far better than VIX. LOL!
Okay jokes apart.....
Practically speaking no one can detect "volatile movement" or matter of fact anything else in Stock market; I doubt you wanted to use "predict" but used a better word "detect" instead. :)
However, with the help of mathematics, you can always "anticipate" which leads to "probable outcomes" and on the basis of your anticipation you could always take a stance. If right then enjoy else if wrong try again; Ensure to lose less than your profit figure, that's your Risk-to-Reward.
Now, if you are serious about "anticipating" or in other words "forecasting" any Index or Stock volatility, I can only suggest you to read Ser-Huang Poon's A Practical Guide to Forecasting Financial Market Volatility thoroughly.
All the Best!

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