portfolio management

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    Need portfolio tool for equities and future combined

    I am looking for a portfolio management tool.I looked into various portfolio tools including moneycontrol but all lacks the following things 1. Both equities and futures 2. Annualized returns and CAGR's 3. [optional] uploading transactions through file(moneyControl has one but only for...
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    Providing Portfolio Management Services (Non-Registered)

    Hi Friends, I want to provide PMS to investors with a minimum investment of 5 lacs. The problem is that to get SEBI registration it is way too expensive. Is it wise to follow the exact same guidelines and do it on a smaller scale without registration with SEBI? Using a medium to long term...
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    Stock Portfolio Closing Balance

    Hello Members of Traderji, Merry Christmas! This is a query regarding the stock portfolio closing balance at the time of filing tax return. The person am dealing with, for filing the tax return, insists on having the list of stocks as closing balance. He says that I must buy and...
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    Is there any Portfolio Trackers/Manager available for free?

    Seeing lot of online portfolio managers/trackers. While I understand internet is required to update your stock/investment prices, still is there any software or app that can track your portfolio?
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    Portfolio Management

    Hello friends i am very new to this forum and i have a query that is portfolio management is very much required for stocks investment ?
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    Need help in understanding the forex trade brokrage

    Hi, I am a b.tech graduate in Bangalore. For my first job, I have been given an opportunity in a company dealing in Forex, commodities. Being new to this field, I am not sure what exactly does the job entail. I am good at communicating with people.Since I have started to enquire about this...
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    What are traders looking for?

    This thread is principally to find out what it is that traders are looking for in their search - whether on Traderji or otherwise i.e. 1) Trading Calls via sms? 2) To learn how to trade themselves? 3) To have their portfolio managed by professionals with no time involvement from their side...
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    iPad Stock/Portfolio monitoring software

    Check out SmartDerivs on the iOS AppStore. It is a free iPad application that will be useful for both traders and investors. Supports following functions: - Portfolio management mode, with real time PNL, including Today's PNL being shown. - Supports both Equities and Equity Derivatives. Full...
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    What is the best portfolio management tool to track stocks investments?

    Hi, I was using moneycontrol.com for tracking my stocks investments but not impressed with it. Too much of clutter and too many advertisements. Any other tool that you would recommend? Thanks in advance!!
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    Portfolio Management Software.

    Hi, I am planning to develop a portfolio management software which could manage your multiple portfolio, which would include your Delivery based model as well as Intraday. You will be able to manage multiple portfolio in it. Also it will have multiple reports based on daily...
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    Online Portfolio Tracker

    Help me.. I want to update my portfolio...I have all my e-contract note from 2008. Is there any online / offline software available for uploading all my digital contract note... and also I want to know my past trading details with Indraday / Delivery, Holding, P&L statement and Income...
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    Try World's First User Friendly Lightweight , Mutual Fund Portfolio Manager

    NAVReporter is a completely free and simple to use software application to track your Indian Mutual Fund NAVs on a daily basis. It allows the creation/saving/loading of portfolios thus allowing you to enter all your Mutual Fund dataonly once and then tracking it as and when required. NAVs are...