Introducing new iPad app for backtesting...CONFIDANT


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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share with everyone the new backtesting app I just launched for iPad called CONFIDANT. It's all about letting you customize your ideas (pattern-based) and see if those ideas could be profitable.

I hope you will check it out, and find it useful and essential with your daily trading. I am open to all feedback and suggestions to make the app even better and more useful. There are lots of features in the pipeline.

Thank you,


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Link to App on iTunes:

There is no scripting or programming. You create instruments using formulas. You set formula values via drop down lists. You can test your instruments against multiple stocks of your choice. You can follow instruments you build that have the performance you like. And because you can specify start and end dates for your backtesting, it is very easy to simulate forward testing as well.
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