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What time frame do you trade?

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Hi Kartik,
it's really happy to see the new starters in fx trading, But, Greed and Panic may destroy the account within a minutes, u said u trading with 100$ account, if you take daily or weekly positions in mini lots means you risking 20 to 50% of your margin which is equal to suicide attempt, it's okay for scalping with tight stoploss, But, swing trading is consist with huge stoploss and takeprofit levels, Hence, we let the market breathe untill consolidation, My advice is don't take mini lots for 100$ account, stick with 1 micro lot until account reaches 200$, Don't risk 3 - 5% of your margin at any reason, calculate the risk before profits, There is no failed strategies, But, there is a failed traders due to lack of discipline and over greed, yes, today we may loss 3%, tomorrow we can recover and make additional profits, The matter is margin we need margin to trade tomorrow, Good Day
Yes true indeed I'm currently trying to manage and make a proper risk management strategy for myself because I can't really follow through after spotting a decent trade opportunity :p