foreax trading

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    I am very confused about Forex

    When I searched on google about what is forex I got information that "trading in currency pairs forex" But my questions is that if trade in US stocks/indices then what is it? Is it also forex? Is trading in only currency pairs is forex trading?
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    Intricacies of forex trading and systems. Let's discuss.

    There are a lot of members here who have been trading forex since quite some time. And all of us have experience and knowledge that'll only increase by sharing. I tried to find a forex thread for strategies / timeframes / risk management and various things but only found a few which were...
  3. F analysis - USD Weakens and World Economies Strengthen? Analysis - European Currencies Strengthen As Stocks Rally Yesterday's major market event appears to have been the announcement that Britain's 4th largest bank, Barclays, will not need additional bailout funds from the Bank of England. The resulting stability in the forex market...