Trading System designed on maths and probability everything is simple and common like others ..only add on was applying some strategy developed by reverse engineering the price action ... Backtested Manually for last 3 months and results were good ..infact very good ..

Trading objective : Fiercely protect the capital ... profit follows.

Trading Style : Intraday .. System gives only Stop ..rest i build on strategy

Trade frequency : Maximum noticed is 5 till now in a day and minimum is we may end up with no trade.(Both happens rarely).
Investment : 200 points (or)8 consecutive Stop Loss hits plus margin for 2 lots.

Position sizing is based on this 200 points buffer .. if it reaches 100 i trade 1 lot and build back, if it comes to zero i will stop trading and close the thread .

Trade with 2 lots until the buffer 200 becomes 600

Secure the initial buffer 200.

Trade 4 lots with 400 balance

Position size will be increased or decreased by multiples of 2 as per the buffer.

Pefer leverage trading and low cost brokerage (mine is zerodha).

Trading system will be explained later once we reach a point of conclusion

Stop and Entry are predetermined .. exits vary depending on price action.

From Monday i will start posting Trades .

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