crude oil tips

  1. mb3trades

    Intraday Crude Dairy (Real Time)

    Trading System designed on maths and probability everything is simple and common like others ..only add on was applying some strategy developed by reverse engineering the price action ... Backtested Manually for last 3 months and results were good ..infact very good .. Trading objective ...
  2. C

    MY Crude oil trading.

    Here i am updating my crude Trades. If anybody interested they can follow. Im not responsible for any profit or loss. here im just updating my trades. First i give call... then after depending upon moment i will update sl and target.
  3. B

    Trade and multiply money ... Nothing else... Not difficult...

    Hi All, iam here just to share my trades .. Pure intraday calls (MIS ORDERS) .. with good risk-reward ratio Execution is the key .. Respect to Stop Loss is very important I trade niftyfut - crude oil - copper - lead - natural gas I count the Execution for single Lot with Low Brokerage...