My Crude Oil Trades (Intraday)

Hi all,

Been a year of learning and trading small amounts / full time trading. I feel it's time to get into real career mode now.

I have quit my job and this is my career now - day trading.

Capital - 4.0 L

Trading type - scalping / intraday

Risk management - max 1 % per day / max 0.5 % per trade. 2 consequence losses and i shut terminal for the day.

Lots - decided as per stop loss
(Eg - max SL per trade is 2000 per trade ie 18 pts per lot. 2 pts for brokerage n taxes.
If two lots then SL is 8 pts per lot and 4 pts for brokerage n taxes.

SL trailing is done along with scaling up.

Scaling up is asf:
After SL has been modified to break even if trade moving in favour then at pullback I add lots as per trade SL limit. Thereafter whenever SL modified to an area of value one or two lots added as per SL limits accordingly

Target - no target, SL trigger is the exit or if my set up shows reversal

Usually on pure scalping I have been averaging 5 trades a day so far. On interest it is an average of 2 normally.
On scalping I go for 5 pts approx and a 1:1 risk reward.

Last, the least important part - the trade statergy.

TF - 3 min /15 min (scalping/intraday)

Candles - normal/ heiken ashi (scalping / intraday)

Overlay - lagging indicators - moving averages of 5/8/13 (simple)
I scan for intraday and if no set up only then I scalp.

Oscillator - RSI (7, value of 50 top shaded green and below shaded red for ease of reference)

Pivot points - Fibonacci.

Entry signal is crossover of 8 over 13 and RSI over 50 at the same time with the MA slope pointing to 2 clock for buy signal.
For sell it's 4 clock and rsi below 50 accordingly. 5 Ma is used for reference only.

Exit is trailing SL placed below 13 Sma usually on intraday.
Scalping is a fixed 5 points target and SL.

I intend to start today and hope the senior traders will guide me and teach me a thing or two when I go wrong.

If I take a intraday position I will try to post it live here but posting will be the last thing on my priority list though during trade hours.

I maintain full records of my trades which has really helped me so far and I will try and maintain the trade journal here as well.

Hope things go well.

Chart set up as on yesterdays market

just entered a trade on 3 min - long @ 4998, lets see how it
trade entry as per 3 min TF but if the trend rolls over to 15 min may decide to let it run
to me two heiken ashi candles are a confirmation that trend has set in, this is the reason i wait for candle 3 to time my entry and enter on open.

TRADE 001 - ENTRY - 2018-09-04.png
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trade exit @ 5035 at resistance as i had my SL trigger. i was trailing it too close as i did not want to give out the profit in hand.

TRADE 001 - EXIT 2018-09-04.png
Trade T001 summary
entry (average) - 5010.5 / exit 5035 / 25 points per lot
trade rules followed: entry - yes, in trade - yes, exit trade - yes. overall a good trade and good trade management and discipline - happy with myself

shutting down terminal - ;) transferring the profit in hand to the pocket, no more risk for today.
well, took a break after which i scalped a few trades and gained a total of 45 points net from these trades. Has been a good day overall. may just take a peek at crude later after 9 pm or so but do not intend to trade anymore as of now, lets see.
managed to kind of scalp in the latter half of the day and ended up with 4 trades overall for the day -

trades today:
T001 - BUY - entry / 5010.50 exit 5035 / pts 24.50
T002 - BUY - entry / 5083.75 exit 5087 / pts 3.25
T003 - SELL - entry / 5018 exit 5008 / pts 10
T004 - SELL - entry / 4998 exit 4988 / pts 10

managed a total of 415 points (net overall) and touch approx 10 % returns of my capital for the day.

it was a lucky day and i must not get carried away. i may take a day off to subdue my emotions if i do not feel in a proper unbiased mindset tomorrow.

Goodnight everybody
trade T005 was a scalp , gained 9 pts net

trade T006 is probably an intraday if the trend on 3 min rolls over to 15 min, lets see..

edit: trade T006 closed at 4960 due possible resistance

points so far for the day - 50 points net overall.

chart for T005 and T006 were near the same and turned out to be 2 quick scalps

trade 006 2018-09-05.png
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just entered trade T007 - short @ 4971, lets see - in for short term / scalp as per 3 min but if trend rollsover to 15 min then may try and ride the same

edit: exit trade @4967 , decided to scalp and not stay exposed long. was a good trade from a scalp point of view

edit: taking a break now until the market picks a defined direction. happy with the trading discipline today - net is 64 points so far, so no pressure to trade anymore.

edit: :eek: chart shows entry 5971, its 4971 ....typo..:cool:
TRADE 007 - ENTRY 2018-09-05.png
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trade T008 (7 pts) and T009 (4 pts) were both scalps and i guess i am done for the day.

been a good day. net points 150 for the day.

i may enter a trade on holding for a few days to check my strategy and discpline on long term. i am a good scalper but i am lost when it comes to trend trading. my trade discipline is all the place in the long term trades. let me see if i can get it right.

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