crude oil prices

  1. mb3trades

    Intraday Crude Dairy (Real Time)

    Trading System designed on maths and probability everything is simple and common like others ..only add on was applying some strategy developed by reverse engineering the price action ... Backtested Manually for last 3 months and results were good ..infact very good .. Trading objective ...
  2. S

    CrudeOil Price Comparison Report

    I Would Glade to share with you Crude Oil Market Trend from 15-30, Sept 2011 In the last fortnight, Crude oil price declined as buyers stayed aside from the market. In the beginning of the last fortnight, many refiners extended their maintenance period or switched to the other cheaper options...
  3. S

    Investment Opportunities Ahead

    Want Bull Market Again : Act Together ! Daer Friends, Don't get confused by corrective rallies in current bear market! Let us accept the fact that we are in a bear market! The long period of virtuous economic growth i.e. when one positive lead to another and thus creating a very positive...