crude oil calls

  1. mb3trades

    Intraday Crude Dairy (Real Time)

    Trading System designed on maths and probability everything is simple and common like others ..only add on was applying some strategy developed by reverse engineering the price action ... Backtested Manually for last 3 months and results were good ..infact very good .. Trading objective ...
  2. coolbrain

    Crude oil intraday buy

    Buy crude oil at 5955 target 5980 sl 5930 (time 10.45am) dear friends target achieved in intraday crude oil (3.50pm)
  3. B

    Trade and multiply money ... Nothing else... Not difficult...

    :thumb: hi all, iam here just to share my trades as iam successfull with consistency from past 6 months ... just to share only trades entry/stop/exit nothing else ..
  4. Tamil trader

    Tamil Trader- September Crude Oil Trading Diary

    Dear Traderji Friends, Thanks for encouraging me for my previous thread As number of pages increases every month, i decided to start a new crude oil thread every month. By this, we can know the actual...
  5. Tamil trader

    Tamil Trader Crude oil Diary Live Updates

    Dear Traderji Members, i am starting this thread to show how i achieve success in crude oil for last one year using a single strategy here, i am not going to discuss about strategies and timeframes here i will post my live calls.... check for some months, if you satisfy, you can trade...