internet connection-reliance forced to upgrade to 4g


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Commercial launch of Reliance 4G is expected only by September (Source)

Till last week, I was seeing the notifications on my 4G phone change between H and H+ on the network icon, signifying 3G and 3G+ respectively. This week onwards, I'm seeing a consistent H+ so it's only a matter of time.

Think of the network now as beta phase. But the future of Rcom/RJio looks promising.

I'm still to get my 4G WiPod situation rectified... Curiously, the guys at the gallery said that I need a 4G sim card for the 4G WiPod to work (even though I'm straight migrating from Netconnect CDMA to this WiPod device). At another gallery, they said no sim required, so it's adding to the confusion.

Once this gets convincingly resolved, I'll be able to comment about speed and reliability.
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you have the 4g sim + data pod ?? Does it work as a dongle or is it wi-fi ? Can you please post the result here ?
i returned data pod.....i have sim upgraded from cdma....will wait for jio lauch...speedtest was very poor compared to what u had posted... even on other open dongles not getting any speed...none of trading software works on new reliance will wait for JIO lauch.


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Some news for Rcom customers

Wasn't there some news that Rcom will transfer the customers in 12 circles to Jio ??
Rs 93 for 10GB is quite enticing depending on how long this offer lasts. Decidedly they want to get more customers in their fold so that they have a realistic chance if an "OK Corral" kind of situation emerges in the 4G telecom space.

Anyway, I got this mesage from Reliance yesterday:

"Launching 4G LTE services in next few days. Keep your 4G Smart Phones and WiPod ready, and standby for the next update. RCOM"

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