If U can.....answer this


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dear all,
like quiz, I'll post a question when I'll be free....try to answer these questions and prove that U R genius. that's why i named the thread ' If U can'.

my first question is:

There are 3 gentlemen in a meeting: Mr. Yellow, Mr. Green and Mr. violet. They are wearing yellow,green and violet ties. Mr. Yellow says: "Did you notice that the color of our ties are different from our names?" The person who is wearing the green tie says, "Yes, you are right!"

Do you know who is wearing what color tie?
Mr.Yellow is wearing the violet tie
Mr. Green is wearing the yellow tie
Mr. Violet is wearing the green tie.

The above is on the assumption that they are speaking the truth.



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dear savantji,
thank you for participating......

now Question-3:

10, 20, 30, 40, 50

here are the numbers that are the first five terms of a series that add upto 150.

can you name five terms of another series without fractions that add upto 153?

answer........If U can.........?????????????

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