Heed the call, newbies!!! Space for doubts to be answered

Hei everyone :D. Found about this platform (for quenching our doubts) through my bestfriend making me fairly a newbie here. I started my trading journey fairly recently, and so far I can tell it's bumpy yet somehow addicting in nature. Don't get me wrong for I am still in my learning curve. Which brings me to my major query for this thread- Look around you, if u are a new trader or learning to become one, I am sure everyone of us are overwhelmed by the amount of data available here, at the click or our finger tips. But how do you know if they are actually telling you the truth and not selling information for money. Am pretty sure many of us have given huge amount to learn courses and still ended up being confussed or lacking the idea of how to execute them. I hope this space becomes a place for genuine data and helpful in nature.
I would like to know, if it's possible (with right guidance and continuous learning) to become a consistently successful trader in a course of few months, let's say 3-4 months? Or is it inevitable that it would take u years to be a successful trader!?

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