How to Learn Discipline

Without discipline, you will not be able to control your ego and emotions while trading.
It’s not easy to pull money from markets, discipline is must to gain confidence in volatile markets.
  • Develop trading plans and follow them consistently.
  • Maintain a trading journal, this will help you to find the mistakes you have made.
  • Keep following and learning discipline from successful traders.
  • Change your trading strategy if it doesn’t work.
I think in trading you need patience, understanding and knowledge to look for new opportunities. It is very important that you have a stable state of mind before opening any trade. You must be focused.
Do maintain a Trading Journal. This will be the best guide for you to rectify your mistakes. Jot down important points , make notes , mention your mistakes, why you took a trade, why you exited, what should have been done to improve the trade. All this done regularly will bring in discipline by default.
Yes, maintaining a trading journal with consistency makes a person disciplined all time.

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