How to Learn Discipline

If you are indisciplined in your regular and routine life, that peeks into your trading too. Make a time table for your next 2-3 days regarding your work, rest, reading, viewing TV, cooking, eating, bathing, leisure etc. This table should dictate from/ to timings of each work or rest. Strictly follow it as per time table. Then see yourself the trading results.
Agreed, that’s a good advice.
If you want to be a disciplined trader, you need to imbibe discipline in your everyday routine. Right form waking up to going to bed, you need to become disciplined. That;’s the best way to become disciplined in trading.

Rest, you must learn to take responsibility for the decision you make and follow your trading plan thoroughly.
To be disciplined, better start keeping a journal, set out your risk ratio and manage accordingly. follow the journal closely, set daily budget and monthly budget, don't get greedy if you have a winning streak, just stay focused to your plan.
I think that everything comes with experience, eventually you stop running after the market, you start to analyze more and make less mistakes, this makes you a trader who takes trading seriously.


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Somewhere inside there is a thought that the money you earned from market belongs to the the market takes it back...
Personally, I started by painting my day almost every minute, and I followed this rule, and it really helped to develop a discipline that ultimately gives a good result.

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