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More than 1 lakh per month few years back when I enquired about that.
But slowly I realised trading is not about using expensive tools or data feeds. Anyhow people here are very judgemental and ask about my pnl without showing theirs :D
More than 1 lakh per month few years back when I enquired about that.
ha ha
Then those who have a TO above 2 cr, should use this data feed
at least they have a satisfaction that they are using the best one available in the market and that too at free of cost, because they will get this amount as deduction under expanses :joyful:
Why mugging with a cheap 2-3k GDFL data feed :D

Right na !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the question is why one should post his trades EOD
What is the problem in posting real time within a minute or 2 after taking a trade
Even any Tom, Dick and Harry can post trades on EOD basis

and what is expansive for me is expansive. Why should I go for expansive one when I have other options.
BTW, it will be a good idea for you, to use Bloomberg datafeed
Right naaaa !!!!!!! :joyful:
wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crossed above 23222 at opening bar itself :joyful:
and did an ATH at 23244.7

Though yesterday, it dipped some,
but once above 23100, there was no looking back.
started moving north
now at around 23269 :happy:

Now the question is
will it touch 23333
it should be the next destination :D :joyful:
Yes, I am too happy. I am posting my views to a friend of mine, who is settled in US and trades DOW and he will pay my share of profit in BITCOINS.
BTW, by posting here I am saving on expanses, of sending an email to him. Any issue.
Perhaps you want that I should not save on my expanses of that email by posting here. Right naaaa !!!!!! :D :D
Keep on positing Sirji No Issues, keep your Bitcoins safe, but I don't think there is any expenses on sending emails
May be sometime in future email ke bhi paise dene padenge

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Ndp2 had problems as it was in beta stage so I went back to NDP and now ndp2 is good?

Then I will change to it again
Every thing was fine from July !!! i always subscribe data for yearly

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