Sandy sir, keep all communication wrt to this in writing (email) and maintain screenshots if you have any. Seek resolution from the broker first... but most likely he'll hide behind "force majeure" clauses in the fine print of your contract... then lodge a complaint on scores and nice along with all evidence... get other aggrieved parties to do the same... hope for the best... good luck...
Thank you!!!
I have a Negateive Ledger in Fyers, I happened almost 1 year back. I had only 10000Rs in my Fyers account and for a Market order of Stock option ther thr order was bought for order worth 50000 Rs plus even though i didnt have that capital. The was order was to be rejected in first case but it got executed . Because of this have a negative rms in fyers. Customer care are saying because it was market order it got excecuted, even then the system should that if enough funds ae there right for order to get executed and it shud be rejected.

Now i have -44000Rs what should i do. The interest is adding up. Should i complain SEBI or dont mind this account. I am worried that interest will sum up to laksh what happenss in this scenerio ?

Please someone advice.


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itzdreaming@ stop worring let interest pile up . no need to worry ...in your mind let that corss Mr Nirav modis amt i.e 9 crore only then start to worry .. its been 1 yrs so forget it block the email block sms ..

its a rule even if order is market order wont get exectuted if u not have funds . its fraud broker .

if what u say is true u didnt had funds and still order got executed its fraud broker ..
And if any one comes to you let it be Mr. das tell him say ... if there was no money in account how did order got executed hence Fake fraud broker transcation andtake them to court . 15 30 yrs time will pass and still nothing will happen lol it hapens only in india