rms failure

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    Fyers RMS & System failure - Negative Ledger

    On 21st Dec, With capital of 38,000, I placed 13800 Buy PE @ 120 for a brief movement It went up and I initiated an exit @ market from Fyers web system but it kept giving me message unable to exit and within few minutes brokers web trading platform was completely frozen and down. Tried calling...
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    Negative Ledger Balance

    Hello! On 21st Sept 18 I bought 1000 DHFL at 464 MIS at 12:37 PM using margin , By initial I had 50 K in my trading account. DHFL went down drastically,The problem here is my broker(Upstox) sold my shares at 366(12:47 PM) My RMS squareoff is 70% of my capital so approx square off price should...