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    Fyers RMS & System failure - Negative Ledger

    On 21st Dec, With capital of 38,000, I placed 13800 Buy PE @ 120 for a brief movement It went up and I initiated an exit @ market from Fyers web system but it kept giving me message unable to exit and within few minutes brokers web trading platform was completely frozen and down. Tried calling...
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    Risk of war with China at highest

    As we approach harsh winter in Ladakh, the risk of current situation escalating into a war is at its highest. And current scenario has similarities with what happened in 1962. Back then, Nehru followed a Forward Policy - of creating observation posts to monitor Chinese activity on their side of...
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    Target 20% returns on 1.5Lakhs in next 6 months - 1 year timeframe

    Hi Guys, I am planning to invest around 1.5 Lakhs in Small cap and Big cap funds. I have been investing in ELSS funds in past but now thinking of jumping to extend my limits and risk appetite :clap: and looking for your reviews. I have done my basic homework and my picks are given...
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    Clarification on position size with money management

    Dear Experts, I am a newbie here who has started paper trading and reading tons of articles to get into the world of trading. I have a small confusion on the following math regarding calculation of NUMBER OF SHARES TO BUY on a BUYING scenario. Please do clarify it clearly. FOLLOWING...
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    Is my money safe with online brokerages like HDFC Securities or ICICI Direct?

    Today I sold 300 Unitech shares [@22.30 per share] and my online software - ICICI Direct - shows that I will receive 6,690 rupees within 2-3 days. Is my money safe? What is the guarantee that I will definitely receive this money? What is the chance that I don't get this money? What if the buyer...
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    SPAN risk calculation

    Any information on SPAN methodology followed by major exchanges for risk analysis would be appreciated.
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    SPAN module

    I am trying to construct a SPAN module for risk analysis on the F & O markets. Anyone with knowledge on the subject : would appreciate assistance in what formulae are used in major exchanges.