FYERS API- Disclosed quantity feature in Bo/Co

Hello Fyers Team,

I was checking fyers API and wanted to ask why the disclosed quantity feature is not enabled in BO/CO orders ?
This is because for small traders rely on margins for BO/CO orders and its known fact that higher quantity orders are hunted down(order manipulation takes place) very frequently by algos.
People try to use BO/CO only for high leverages due to lack of capital but due to this constraint often higher quantity orders are targeted. Its quite obvious that algos running on co-location servers can see the orders coming in, in case of BO order both target and current order comes in at once.
Its not difficult to figure out SL range based on quantity and eventually it hits SL(Although SL order may not be visible initially) , the price movement goes on till the SL order hits.

I noticed this issue numerous times and hence couldn't use fyers platform. Solution I'm looking for is if you can enable Disclosed quantity feature in BO/CO that will help greatly in fully using its potential. Even in such case, my intent is to use only CO order. Can you please share me the reason why Disclosed quantity is not enabled for BO/CO ?

Also, for people with less capital and whoever are in learning phase the min brokerage should be on % basis. I see significant loss of money in brokerage. For ex: 300 shares of sunpharma 480 has order value of 1lk and if the trade is closed out in 1Rs for some reason, for turnover of 200000 we are paying 40 rs.
In terms of return, for the profit of Rs.1 , if we make Rs.300, we are paying Rs.40 i.e more than 10% of our profit and for the trades which are in loss still we pay minimum 10% of loss as brokerage(although I agree its mandatory).

Due to this high brokerage for low volume trades many people are reluctant to do trading. Also, BO/CO order facility restricted me to avoid lot of trades. If you want more people to consider using your platform you need to fix this brokerage for low volumes and `Disclosed Quantity` feature in equity cash in BO/CO orders.

Note : Requesting this to maximize our entry oppurtunites. There are numerous occasions when the Fyers app got stuck causing heavy slippages and cause huge loss in terms of % of capital deployed. With less capital we have to fight these many odds but still we do to learn the nitty gritty details of trading before going with big capital.
I hope you understand this problem as a whole from small retail trader view who aspires to grow.

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