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I am happy to inform you that won Fyers 30 days Trading Challenge 9th time.

Thanks a lot for certificate and quick refund .

I must say and appreciate that after the new BO in place ... definitely 30 day challenge refunds are on time.

Thanks Fyers for such a wonderful platform for making me habbit of being profitable.

One suggestion though ... last two challenges certificate states 5 times winner ... you should mention what actually winner no of times .... like zerodha.

THanks a lot.


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Yes I am pretty serious....after finishing the challenge today, I can press "start new challenge" button only tomorrow and the challenge period starts from day after tomorrow ( and not tomorrow).I dont accept the reason that this is done because commodities work rill 11:30...so at 11:30 all segments finish their 30 days period..so what is the issue in starting at 8:30 tomorrow a fresh 30 days period counting from tomorrows session ( and not day after tomorrow's session ) in all the segments??.....but as FYERS says they cannot do it,so it be , I leave it.....

So after every 30 days period traders lose 1 day minimum and that days performance is not counted in your profits calculations and brokerage refund....it definately needs a solution and can it not be fixed ?In Zerodha they used to start the 60 days period on the same day on which you trigger the start button and all trades done after that are counted in their calculations without any 1 day gap in it....

@Tejas Khoday Why not listen and implement this small suggestion.

If my challenge ends on 22 then I should able to start from 23rd ... but your programming made it to keep one day gap.

This is very small thing to implement.. in coding.

Ppl demanding this from long time..

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Hi, We have made made the change already. If you start the challenge on say 20th, it will start immediately instead of the next month.

This was done based on feedback from clients that didn't want to wait an additional day to begin the challenge.

Hope this helps.

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FYERS WEB deleted all the SAVED LAYOUTs and STUDIES...and now their customer care team saying ....."Sir app fr se create kr lo"...... such an unprofessional behaviour...... they dont have idea... how much backtesting I have done to create all those layouts and their indicator parameters...... n my studies which are all gone now..... for approx 500-700 stocks......

Extremely poor support


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Why you are writing here? There is other thread Fyers Main thread where you can write.

This thread is for 30 days challenge.