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dukh dard peedha kasht, yar har kisi me aate h glitch toh, even fb insta me b but shoonya se save bhot hote h pese
yes, this is one thing i am still with them. But now there are other brokers also with same plans.


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Connection timed out too much time is problem and when u place sell order shoonya LAGS big time.
Shoonya offers Order slicing thats best But what if u wanna edit all slice at once.. you have 18000 lot order then it be cumbersome to edit all 10 lots modify price i mean

when your lots grow from 1800 to like 18000 and your broker doesn't offer things like Iceberg ... other broker is needed tho that broker may charge.
And best part There is something called Settlement holiday Thats a Perfect Scam that nse doe Buddha Poornima holiday ..
i lost an opportunity coz of that ..

you sell position on Wednesday then then credit will not be available on Thursday lol coz of settlement holiday .WHy the F there is settle holiday when nse is on. thats a scam nse does. last Thursday there was 450 pts up move i wanted to buy but a$$$ hole brker didnt gave me credit of F&0 which i sold on Wednesday.

same was shoonya and zerodha i had done same thing in both brokers .

In name of buddha purinemia they do this scam . and u cannt buy when market are expected to go up SUCKS

This is problem with nse and not particular broker