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uninstall it and reinstall and run as admin ;xD
Or use it on phone untill u get it fixed

same is true for mobile app
uninstall old app and redownlaod from play store .. new one has otp option and its safe to install TOtp too i did it ;xD

In END The OTP for login is BS idea ... The retard who thought up this brainless move needs to be sacked.
So if you dont have phone you cannt trade ? and say forget pass to email you cannt login to shoonya Why This Kolaveri Di

Finvasia otp always goes in SPAM

Engineering walla optimised idea will be ;-- Allow all this bs and give option to keep it signed in for week so for 1 week it wont ask otp
if loged from same device.

Forward that idea to so called Babus at Sebi that Follow instruction of himalayas baba yogi
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trust me that is only working solution finvasia guy will advice u same haha unless u hand over remote admin control to them ;xD


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Thanks for this, after I downloaded the latest version it worked. :up:

They should have at least mentioned that the latest exe has to be downloaded for it to be used.
Hi @Verde! We hope that the issue has been resolved. In addition, we have forwarded your feedback to the concerned team as a note for the future. Regards
I am still facing the problem of app crashing after clicking any menu. I am on windows 11 22H2 version. Tried downloading the file again from their website but nothing works.
dont transfer money by virtual account number using imps. money is not credited to your trading account.i have done fund transfer using VA and imps got whatsapp confirmation also from finvasia but amount not shown in my trading account.


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Net Banking Restriction: On Monday, 10th October, net banking through the Shoonya app shall be temporarily disabled all day. You will be able to make payments via UPI & virtual account only. It shall be working as usual from 11th October onwards.

they said that too..

i made transfer in upstock NO problem i was able to buy as markets are down .
R.s 20 upstock gives peace of mind
Dear Customer,

You have successfully added 99999 into your Securities wallet via UPI.
Log in to your account and start trading.

Happy trading,
Team Upstox
i made transfer to finvasia they ate money and did nt credit money when i wanted the most lol

offcourse they wil credit it tomm or whenevr they wake up ... for today we client are hazzels.
this is what a free brokerage company gives....

BWT finvaasia said to transfer money on friday itselfguess what we didnt knew market will open gap down so we didnt had reason to transfer ;xD

So finvasia are u gone a credit funds tomorrow auto in account or you want to waste my time more by asking screenshot and bla You know it money is in your account deposited already . already inboxed you message check PM

So every 3 month in name of settlement this hazeel be there with you only ' Finvasia' Other broker are fine np with them but our finvasia is poor broker coz they charge 0 brokerage and free hazzel to customer now on ever 3 months ;xD yay

==== update===
@ 12;45 pm approx money was available when market was at peak days high . this money at finvasia want me to buy at days peaks high lol
but yeah got the money . finvasia still safe ;xd
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