I would like to know if they allow NEST plus apis for free ?
No, they are not available now as omnysys has discontinued NEST plus APIs service.
so that i can use its nestRTD and can have a data solution ?
Yes you can still use NEST RTD and that is available for free.
I dont want APIs for automation, just nest plus apis for charting will do.
You can use NEST plus for charting, both type of charts are available intraday as well historical.
When placing order through BO in scalpert, only limit is available whereas in nest both SL & limit are available. Anyone else facing this issue.??
Why Amibroker Is scrapped ,is there any idea to use amibroker though finvasia in future
I think, you can purchase amibroker subscription on your own and then link your account to NEST via 3rd party plugin.

When placing order through BO in scalpert, only limit is available whereas in nest both SL & limit are available. Anyone else facing this issue.??
This not an issue, I talked to them about this in the beginning, they said as of now only SL-L is available on scalpert, might bring SL-M in future. so if you want both orders you can use NEST.
Doesn’t matter ab toh dono free hai :pp
Here are some details about leverage offered by Finvasia (for Futures segment only, intraday only): All figures are approximate. For exact figures, contact the broker.

For algo trading, they are planning to tie-up with Greeksoft and stopped offering any new Symphony products. Current Symphony Presto users will remain active. No new users being allowed for Symphony by Finvasia.

a) No leverage: you can buy 1 Nifty futures lot(intraday) in Rs1lakh.

b) 2x leverage is free.
You can buy 2 Nifty lots(intraday) in Rs1lakh in it.

c) For Rs1lakh: Rs84/day/lakh (bronze plan)
3x leverage (2x + x).
You can buy 3 Nifty lots(intraday) in Rs1lakh.

d) For Rs10lakh: approx Rs1500/day/10lakh (silver plan)
4x leverage (2x + 2x).
You can buy 4 Nifty lots(intraday) in Rs1lakh.

e) For Rs10 lakh: approx Rs2000+/day/10lakh (platinum plan). (it was above Rs2000 but i am unable to
recollect exactly how much it was. Between Rs2000 to Rs2500 per day per Rs10lakhs)
5x leverage (2x + 3x)..
You can buy 5 Nifty lots(intraday) in Rs1lakh.

There are 250 trading days per year.
(Rs2000 * 250days) = Rs5lakhs per year paid to broker for getting 5 times leverage on Rs10lakhs.
Can you earn 50% per year profit on Rs10lakh? You are paying that much(above 50% per year) to the broker for additional leverage. This is the reason behind zero brokerage fees. This type of leverage structure is suitable for those traders who use leverage only for few days per month(during expiry).

These figures increase/decrease every day. You do not get charged any fee on saturday/sunday. To activate the leverage, it takes 1 day. After activation if you do not use leverage on any particular day, you still get charged for it. To deactivate, you have to call or email them, it will be deactivated in 24 hours. Check the attached image for more details on leverage offered. View attachment 36737

Can any active users comment on stability of Finvasia servers for algo trading? i heard the servers were down a few times in April/May this year

Is this structure still valid?
I have not given POA for my demat account, Can i get margin against my shares? What is the procedure for that?
If you want to get margin then first you need to do POA, once your POA is done then ask them to transfer your shares to CCA (client collateral account),
After that you will get margin against your holdings.
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