EoD Update of Fibotrader

Dear Fibotrader Users,

EoD Update 20-06-2006:

my system got corrupted. extremly sorry for this utter inconvenience.

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dear soumya....will u pls help me how to back up fibotraders data..i.e as u have saved data in 'mains' i would like to back up data every 10-15 days ..in case some error occur i dont have updatew from 310506...as 'main ' which u provided cotains data upto 300506........thank you...
Dear Soumya,

As ".csv" format can not be uploaded directly here & "zipping" is needed (only for uploading as size is not a issue here) hence I am uploading in ".txt" format which Fibotrader is happy to take.

Pls. see this.

Best Wishes.

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