Nifty and Banknifty futures data EOD (1min) for backtesting, updated daily

I am new to Amibroker, and I struggled to configure everything correctly. With some links shared here, I am able to get 1 min backfill data for Nifty futures. The problem is that it is updated only once at end of every month.

Is there some resource that provides 1 min backfill data for Nifty and BankNifty futures at end of every day?

I have Nest (without NestPlus), and using Vwap stats, I can only do it for one day. I need something reliable.



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That seems to be updated monthly. I am looking for something that is updated daily at EOD. For eg: July 1st data is not there in that link you've provided
It will be updated on 4 th you will get everything around market start next day
Thank you very much. Are you the maintainer of those files?

Also, i have a question about Amibroker. Those files has symbol Nifty_F1. My NEST would give symbol as Nifty16JulFut. Is it possible to merge those two so that they could be accessed with either of those symbols? I know there is a merge option, but I dont know if using it will allow me to use either of the symbols, or only one symbol.

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