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  • Dear Madam, please can you send the MCX ieod database till date ? the links given in your previous posts are not working for some reason. gdrive access is revoked?
    It is paid data service. If you are interested please mail me eodieod @ gmail dot com, whatsapp 9432942069
    Hi I am looking for historical Intraday data for currencies and commodity..do u have ?
    I have currency ieod data from 20105 & commodity ieod data from 2009. data is in ascii format & 1min time frame. for further details please contact eodieod@gmail dot com. whatsapp 9432942069
    Hi Soumya, Can you please send me the main.mdb file for fibotrader with the latest update you have? I am finding it difficult to update historical data in fibotrader one CSV file at a time. The free version doesvnot allow me to update multiple CSV file data from a directory. Or if you can send me the link from where I can download the same
    Dear soumya,
    I have download ieod from jan 2008 till date from your link. but for few dates, i am undable to download as it's giving error message "file link that u requested is not valid". these dates are 4/2/2008, 7/3/2008, 16/5/2008, 23/5/2008, 26/5/2008, 16/6/2008, 18/6/2008, 8/8/2008, 22/9/2208.
    plz upload the ieod data for these dates again or give me link.
    thanks in advance
    Dear soumya,
    Today I have downloded intraday fut data for oct month from 4s...dot com . thanks a lot, I was looking for this. I have 2 questions.
    1) will i have to download every day's csv file one by one ? or entire folder for the whole month can be downloaded at one go ?
    2) while using ms converter, In the options area, I am using zero for minutes per bar option. is it correct (so that i will get tick data in ms format) or should i use 1 (so it will give 1min data). plz note that its not giving any error while using zero ?
    also how can i convert whole months csv file into ms format in one go?
    thanks in advance
    Hi soumya_b ,
    Thanks for IEOD Fut data on 4 shared . Also in database folder http://www.************/dir/2359198/6625d0b2/Database.html I got past data but it is updated till march 2007 . Please upload I-EOD database for remaining period so new person like me can update history
    Thanks again for all your efforts
    Harish Chheda
    hi saumya_b,
    great work done by on the fibo front.
    hats of 2 u.
    i have one querry tht where to find intraday 5 or 30min data for BSE
    another problem is tht till now i was loading data via link given on the fibo thread
    but i tried today via bse direct n its not showing on the chart.
    so wht may be the problem?
    Hello Mam,
    Iam manoj..new member of traderji.com. Iam llooking for Historical Intraday data for nse cash stocks.. i had posted my msg in this thread . but many of them replied saying .."ask to soumya she may help" so i though of msging u.. can u plsss help me in providing this data.. let me know pls. tc bye .. Manoj.
    hi soumya
    This is prasanth.
    I had downloaded fibo trader as per ur instructions.But unable to find Main file.or am i able to update data from an other source.please help me regarding this issue.Thanking You in advance
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