Easy way to loose money in option ^^


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i keep myself i will not tade ...

bought few 8900 PE @ 20 today for experiment little qty

bought 16950 Qty @ 22

Risky move lol going straight in crocodiles mouth haha

puts sell all @ 88 sleeps

only one rule
There are no stop looses :)

Har darr ka hata de kohra
Taaqat tu ban mohra
Har lakshya ko bhed ke dikhla de
Arjun ki kahaani dohra

Marham ho haram tera
Aur zakhm inaam tera
Bheega ho jo tere paseene mein
Wohi jeet ka ho chehra

Sold all @ 28
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BOught 27900 Qty 8950 CE @ 20

Sultans MOve

Sold all 25

lol that was hardly 2 hrs lol

Trasnfered 500K back to account .. It;s everything or nothing :cool::thumb:

Bought 15900 Qty 8900 CE @ 60

sold 64

Bought 18000 Qty 8900 CE @ 58
Kao - o - ken x1 time
Get Ready to Fight x6

sold al 70

Bought again same @ 68

Sold all 80
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will keep only 400K in account and from next expity wil start trading again.

One of rule says lock profit in box and move to bank / give away to family and govt

yup this march i be paying fat money to govt lol

aahbi tao mane start kiya hai

Ending this thread . there won;t be updates anyone.
This is thread where trader was able to beat market good :) and it stays

until we meet again see ya :)

Never let your losses go waste .. Learn from your losses there is no Honest Teacher as Loss .A great Trader learns from his losses .
.....ending thread tc



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sold all 69

that wil pay my litle tax lol
allright thread ends close

Date :-- 3/02/2017

BOught 15000 Qty 9100 CE @ 76

Sold al 80

bought 22500 qty 9100 ce @74
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inputs sell all @139 sleeps





Kismat jo aave saamne
Tu mod de uska panja re
Kismat jo aave saamne
Tu mod de uska panja re
Chal mode de uska panja re

mhm got stuck in wave 4 lol . now market made investor again zzzzzz

now will sell this only at 180 sale ne pale na chalu kar diya.
Now rocky takes beating again xD

Now holding 24900 Qty 9100CE way it is down call me crazy i can only see 9300 zzz i know i have gone crazy

Fearless untill closes below 25
There is no stop loss :) seems this one be my Biggest play lol
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