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Greetings, dear forum users!

Today I want to share with you the EasyTradePad trading panel for conveniently opening orders in the MetaTrader 4/5 platform.

EasyTradePad is a trading panel for manual / semi-automatic trading. It allows not only to easily open orders, but also to conduct their full support. With this panel, both a beginner and a professional trader can easily open the desired order in a few clicks.
This panel has a free version for testing.
I suggest that you independently verify the convenience and ease of this panel by downloading the free version.
A very big request, those who liked the panel, leave a review and rating. There will be such gratitude on your part.

Top 5 panel features:
1. Calculation of risk in percent and in the account currency

2. Placing market and pending orders with simultaneous risk adjustment directly on the chart using the mouse

3. Ability to support orders, namely:
  • pyramiding:
increase in profit by adding positions along the trend.

  • averaging:
by turning on the averaging key, the opened position will be closed at the average price. It is possible to select levels on the chart for placing averaging orders.

  • withdrawal to breakeven:
the breakeven function allows the SL to be moved above the position opening price after the price has covered the distance specified in the Breakeven Triger (the minimum distance that the price must travel in the positive zone before transferring the trade to the BU). This function works well with pyramid schemes, as you will be able to carry over the last profitable order that covered the Breakeven Triger distance.
  • trailing stop:
the function works in two ways:
- trawl point by point
- trailing the shadows of the candles (that is, it transfers the SL for the high / low of the previous candle)
4. The ability to conveniently save custom settings and quickly switch between them

5. Work of the panel in the tester to test your own strategy, which will save a lot of time.
Detailed explanation and overview of the main functions of the trading panel

I think this panel will be useful for many, since trading will be carried out in a few clicks, and the most important thing is that you will understand what kind of risk you have in a deal and can clearly control it.

Therefore, be sure to download and test EasyTradePad.

I wish you successful trading!
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