Easy way to loose money in option ^^


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sold 1st 15000 @ 17

bought 7500 qty @ 15

nvm got locked

holding 26400 Qty 9100 PE now this be either 0 Or 49
tomorrow we know ..

tomorrow will sell this @ 1:30 or 2:30 pm at R.s 1 Or R.s 88
:xD case close
either be be like LOGAN lol die or itbe again 2 million lol Goku Blue
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bouhgt 15000 Qrt 9100 PE @ 16.6
and idk why lol just mind said it

Sold all 18.6

bought again same @ 19.5
sold all 21

Bought again 15000 Qty @ 18.55
now it;s 17 :mad::mad::mad::confused::lol::lol:

BAnk trasfer breaks FD :-

Bought another 15000 Qty 9100 PE another @ 13.5
you are crazy boy
breaking FD for buying puts


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Ravi bahi ^^^
jo Czay looge hote hai who he Kamal aur Dhammal karte hai ....

Anyways this is bad trade atlest it seems so right now as sgx is up ....
my base value is 200K in this trade rest 200K is profit of last 3 days :(

if i loose i loose all of it .if i win
you neevr know micrackle do happen in stock market . Today my Luck will be put to test and i know how my luck is :(

currently haalat is as below pic. i know 400K is Flushed already :( lets see at 2:00 pm or 3:30 pm



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Sold all @ 3

bought 6900 qty PE 9150 @ 12

let this go til 2:00 pm
bought fre more put

now holding 11400 qty 9150 PE @ 12.35 avg

Sold all at R.s 1

Lost R.s 250000 from home and 200K profit lol

I am go on vacation this month may be will be back here in April may be lol

Moral of story :--

When ua re on top give away your wealth start with value u started very first time.
2. Neevr ever trade on day before expiry.. that one costed me 5 laks lol lmao
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