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Hi Friends. I am looking for someone who has good understanding of how to make posts on forums like traderji, and who has practical knowledge of using excel and Amibroker.

Job Description
You would be expected to understand my requirements related to Excel and Amibroker, which I would explain to you over TeamViewer or Skype or any other medium you prefer. And then you need to convert all that into written form and make the post on the forum on my behalf.

I am good in explaining my requirements verbally, but I find it hard to write it down into words. That's why I am looking for some freelance help, to convert my instructions into written format. So that then these could be posted on Excel and Amibroker Help Forums to practically make those things for trading purpose. Everything is directly related to personal trading and you will never be asked to do any kind of marketing stuff etc. for anything.

Desired Skills
Familiarity regarding how to use forums like Traderji
If you have been on traderji for a few months and have made at least 20 posts, then you would easily qualify for this requirement.

Comfortable in English
You do not need to be an expert, but you should know how to express your ideas in English.

Good knowledge of Excel
If you have practical experience of doing various kind of calculations by using formulas and functions in excel and if you have practically made a few simple dashboards etc. in excel, then that would be considered an Advantage and you would be preferred over others.

Good knowledge of using Amibroker on a regular basis for personal trading.
If you have some basic skills of coding, like if you are able to make some basic AFL on your own, or by copy pasting different portions available on help forums, then that would be considered as an Advantage and you would be preferred over others.

Please Note
If you do not even know how to use an excel macro or if you do not know how to run explorations in Amibroker, then you do not qualify for this offer and kindly do not apply. Thanks

Extra Benefits of this freelance offer
A powerful VPS will be provided, having 50 mbps speeds, unlimited bandwidth, 4 GB RAM, 4 CPU, 150 GB Hard Drive Space etc.

You will be free to use it for your own personal use and experiments etc.
The reason why I will be providing this VPS is that I have all my log in details etc. for various forums into the web browser on that VPS. And you will be required to make the posts from that VPS only, so that they have the same IP Address as my normal posts.

You will also get free E-signal Tick Data or any other time frame data, if you need for your personal trading.

Flexible Work Hours
Most often the work would be for around one hour or less, daily "depends on your efficiency as well". As some new guy might take one hour to do a work, which other expert guy can do in 10 minutes in Excel.

You will have the total freedom when you want to work. No fixed hour requirements from my side. If you want to take a few days off in between, still no issues. You do not have to do it on strict daily basis.

Payment Options
It is upto you, which kind of payment method you prefer. Whether you want it to be fixed per day, week or month. Or if you want it to be fixed per posted thread etc.

It is very flexible from my side, you can suggest what you prefer and we will see what makes sense for both of us.

You can receive the payment according to your preferred method, like - online bank transfer, paypal or money credit into your Paytm Wallet etc. Whichever way you prefer.

You can contact me through private message here or google this term " contact 5555vegas " and follow the top 2-3 results from the trading forum pages.

Please do not hesitate in asking if you have any doubts.

Thanks and Best Regards
This is the most hilarious, scam scented post I have read on this forum for two reasons.

First hilarious -- "I am good in explaining my requirements verbally, but I find it hard to write it down into words." Really, says a guy who writes as well as the whole post.

Second, you have not mentioned how much you will pay but you do provide a dream that should gladden the heart of any tech pup.

And you already covered your bases -- if I take more time it is I who is dull and unhandy.

Anyway, bro best of luck and happy Vijay Dashmi to you.


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Happy Vijay Dashmi to you as well brother.

Regarding your first point - yes, it is my main motive of hiring the freelancer. I really find it hard to note down the step by step process for posting the requirements on excel forums etc., which otherwise is quite easy to explain, if the other guy is sitting beside you.

Secondly, the payment will be decided by me and the interested freelancers. Nothing is finalized at this point of time.

If anyone feels it is some sort of scam, I would say, they have their right to have their opinions in this regards. I cannot do anything about that.

But for those guys, who have one hour time available and fulfill the above requirements, I would request, you give it a try. If you do not find it worth, you can stop it at any moment.

Thanks and regards
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