Easy way to loose money in option ^^

i am back lol and you are like my lost twin lol

i could have trade but i needed money for last day hehe :)

Bull Share u are good lol if i was there i would have done same ha

why do you need money for only last day ?
are you going to sell /write options ?

today you traded like me with 6000 quantity / 3900 quantity... LOL!
i like you for that above 20000 quantity ...

hope i am not disturnbing your flow in this thread, if so i will open new thread for my paper trades in options..


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my personnel experience when u are on top ... give away before market thows u down.
We all know option risk so i did exactly what should have been done .

Now my capital before todays trade was only 195K :p

rest all given already to mom , advance tax , education loan to friend in germany etc etc hehe

Where u from bro ? your paper trading is good .
you can post here in my Thread i don;t mind...

just instead of making 7-8 reply just update in 1 post hehe

Don;t forget golden rule you need to digest profit hehe amd you don;t need to trade all time :)

Last day is day when one can make x3 times OR 0 all gone ....
i always buy option never write .
buy call buy put :xD

Once a juwari Always a Juwari :xD


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Bought 9100 CE @ 35.1 6000 Qty
Dear OTGA,
IMO you buy limit order ...whats your SL?Are you put it right way after entry?You look any chart then its fut/spot/9100ce chart?timeframe?...Just asking to know whats behind these trades :D

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