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It was probably some BSE server problem.
I just tried it and it downloaded without any error.
Please try it again and if you still have the same problem let me know.
Could you please add a column dealt with circuit/band limit for 'NEXT DAY' (after BSE updates its scrips' band limit for tomorrow's trade), if at all possible!

Thanks much.


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Also could you please consider including a column named 'SC_GROUP' (has BSE Group details like A, B, X... which is similar to NSE's EQ..) from https://www.bseindia.com/download/BhavCopy/Equity/EQ100122_CSV.ZIP (to add 'SC_GROUP' column in BSE EOD file generated through ABCDcurl.)

Prototype: https://www.bseindia.com/download/BhavCopy/Equity/EQ<<DDMMYY_CSV.ZIP>>

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I think you may find this convert 2 program useful to achieve what you want.
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