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I am sad you can't download even after registry edit.
Did you install KB3140245 and MicrosoftEasyFix51404 before registry edit.
If you have done according to steps prescribed in website and still it is not working I am afraid I can't help you.
hi rpc, S, i can download now cd quotes by using "microsoft easy fix"
but downloaded file is raw file means extract from zip ...
how to use it ? mean how to import in amibroker ? even USDINRAPR2021 NOT MARKED LIKE USDINR-I..


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Glad to know you can download now.
Can you download with DQuotes also ?
Pls let me know what fields are in the raw file and what fields you want in file for importing in Amibriker. I will see if it can be done.
for example cd quotes like SYMBOL OPEN , HIGH , LOW, CLOSE, VOLUME OPEN INTEREST.
SYMBOL like USDINR-I ( current month) USDINR-II (NEXT MONTH)

note; if you are able to convert those fields directly convert as a txt file instead of csv file is better because txt file support some other trading systems like metastock,fchart adget...etc
HOPE you understand and do...

Happy trading..


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No they are not like NSE F&O. The CD futures file I saw had different expiry dates. NSE F&O expires on last thursday of month. Not so in CD futures.
Also it seems CD has expiry upto 1 year (NSE has 3 months) so there will be 12 (I to XII) contracts simultaneously.
Holidays of CD will be required to calculate suffix of contracts expiring next year.
i agree your points
you just try to first 3 months ,means I-III only it's enough to traders !!

some other EOD providers done this part with continues contract...

logic of code should be find...( for example if you see the option chain usdinr is have different monthly expiry date but if u compared with other like gbpinr eurinr, jpyinr& usdinr all are same on 28.04.2021 is monthly expiry date its the common to all pairs of monthly expiry date no need to consider except these....

hope you understand...click the clip
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