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You can use scrips files downloaded from NSE and BSE websites and using ISIN Code to sort them and combine them in excel.
Missed it hardly by not seeing ISIN (found to be a primary factor) of both NSE and BSE lists for linking scrips.
The query is now clarified with the ISIN tag solution.
Appreciate your help a lot and much. Kudos to you.
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Why do u want this data? It possible to get it - u just say what will be the primary data - BSE or NSE?
I build an AmiBroker DB for BSE by filtering out linked scrips (w.r.to NSE scrips) as well as de-linked scrips trade on BSE alone. BTB, trade strategies would be applied on de-linked BSE scrips (here, BSE:520073 which has no link with NSE) and a watchlist be prepared for trade.
Thanks so much for your help.

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