doubt on Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market is said to be difficult because it is the most liquid market in the world with billions of people and entities involved. Governments, politics, weather, public health, business expansion or bankruptcy, food prices, everything affects the foreign exchange market.


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Don't trade forex on behalf of your friend. It is a really bad idea.
You can manage money but make sure you have profitable system backed by long enough trading history and good win ratio. I prefer to put my money into work in Hotforex PAMM, they give 5-10% monthly and I can control drawdown and can pull money when I desire.
Oh man! If you want to preserve your friendship, you'd better not trade on behalf of your friend, believe me. Money spoil people's relations, don't do it.


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If you have doubts about forex trading try futures or options they are much more flexible. However my patterns trading with Hotforex goes good and I'm not going to try if I already have working system.
Dude, ypu'd better avoid trading on someone's behalf. This thing is capable of ruining people's relationships even the strongest ones. So, if I were you, I would preserve friendship and refuse trading for someone else.
The reason why many forex traders fail is that they have insufficient funds compared to the size of the trades they make. Either greed or the prospect of controlling a large amount of money with a small amount of money forces forex traders to take such a large and fragile financial risk.
Its always a good idea to learn before investing in forex trading, more important is to get a proper trading plan to stick with it in my opinion.

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