1. P

    Long term secular bull market

    Today, we think Nifty is expensive. But the reality is that India is at the cusp of a long term secular bull market, based on solid foundations. Obviously, the most important thing to sustain a bull market is earnings growth. And Indian equities will see earnings growth at a level that will...
  2. P

    Banking on banks

    It is easy to look at the flood of bad news that has come in the banking space, and be scared. It is easy to worry about all the bad loans that are yet to be recognized. It is easy to see banks requiring a huge amount of capital infusions to even meet norms, let alone grow their businesses...
  3. F

    Where to pay Tax

    Hi I live in India from birth. I have opened a International Bank account in London and especially for the Purpose of Forex Trading. My friend Deposited his money there who lives there as uk citizen. And I started doing trading from India but my all transaction places in uk and their bank...
  4. M

    doubt on Forex Trading

    Hi Friends, My friend(NRI) is having forex trading account in US and he is living in US. He requested me to trade forex on behalf of his account in USD combinations. As per my knowledge it is offense of trading USD combination. Could you please help me that can I do trading on behalf of...
  5. M

    Is it possible to become rich by trading

    I am starting this poll to find out whether a retail investor(a common man) becoming rich by trading in indian market is a fantasy or reality. This voting is for those people who have become rich themselves by trading or knew those traders personally who became rich by trading. Please no...
  6. M

    ShareKhan is Good??

    ShareKhan is a good platform to invest in Indian Market?!!!:confused:
  7. D

    Is this possible?

    Hi everyone, I just joined traderji. I joined a famous online forex portal a few months ago and after some time they offered some free deposit as I wasn't active and now last week I tried my hands in forex and I was quite happy with the results. In one week I got over 100% ROI.. But then I...
  8. devil11

    Commodity options in India

    We've been getting news about commodity options in Indian markets for several years now. But when are we going to have it? Commodity options seem to be the financial equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster for us traders. Is anyone privy to the latest developments in this regard. Any new information...
  9. S

    Equity Option Low Brokerage

    I want to know which broker is giving less brokerage for equity options. Please suggest me right idea here.
  10. N

    Powerful Stocks Scanner Keystocks-Lite Available for free

    Hi Guyz , Although i am user of paid version of this software , but found this free version also available today on their website so posting this information here. Keystocks guy has launched free version of its scanner but only for daily charts. If you want to own this software you...
  11. R

    Any news regarding 'BOC INDIA' delisting ???

    Hi, I have 400 stocks of BOC India at Rs. 291 Any idea of final delisting date ???? Or should I exit ??? Thanks in advance.
  12. A

    I need a trading software recommendation

    Hi. My name Is Aviv and I'm not a resident of India but I'm a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card holder. I'm in India at the moment for business issues and i'm looking for a day trading software or company recommendation. So Please let Me know Your Software names and which is the best...
  13. M

    Setting up new online forex business - need India Managing Director

    Hi, I looking to establish an India office of a major international online forex trading platform. We are incredibly ambitious and having set up offices in 10 other countries worldwide, we feel the opportunity in India is phenomenal. I am interested in hearing from only the most experienced...
  14. E

    Why this bounce is for real?

    The big question in everyone's minds is whether the correction has ended, and are we seeing a new leg up in the markets, or whether this is just a dead cat bounce. My feeling is that this is a real rally, for the following reasons: - The global situation looks a lot better now after Hosni...
  15. P

    PAISAEQ - Nifty Analysis

    Dear Friends, My name is Sandy, my analysis usually is biased towards technical analysis. I believe it works the best for me. In this thread I will utilize few technical tools in my arsenal to see its effectiveness in analyzing the Indian stock market. My primary focus will be NIFTY...
  16. H

    Not allotted any share in MOIL IPO. Why :(

    I applied for 272 shares at cutoff price (102,000 rupees) during MOIL's IPO. However, I haven't been allotted any share. Why? Is it possible that you apply and yet you are not allotted even a single share?
  17. M

    Best and cheapest way to transfer money to UK from India?

    Hi, i would like to know the cheapest mode to transfer money from india to uk, please don't suggest paypal or western union. i felt they are not really cheap at all. How about electronic transfer? And which bank charges less? how about axis bank? which bank charges less among these : HDFC, SBH...
  18. S

    Moving to US for Short-Term. Can I Trade Online Normally as if I am in India?

    Hello friends, I would be moving to US for about 6-7 months as my company is sending me there for a new project. I have demat account with Sharekhan linked with my HDFC Bank's salary account. I normally do everything online. I would be going with L1 B visa. It would be great if someone can...
  19. H

    How to invest in non-Indian mutual funds?

    I'm an Indian and I wanna invest in non-Indian MFs (American, Chinese, African, etc., funds). How can I do this? Although I shall prefer investing via the online channel, if there's no online option, the regular paper-based method shall also do. Please advise.
  20. K

    independent selling agents for mutual fund and its products in india

    Hello friends, I hav just passed AMFI certification (Advisor module), conducted by NCFM. How can one start selling mutual funds and its product as an independent agent. Kindly let me know..