forex trading

  1. Forextamil

    How to do this News Trading system?

    Hello friends, good morning to all, I would like to continue here News trading systems, news discussions, as dissapeared somehow from the FF forum. I asked forextamil to participate here in this thread with his deep knowledge to help people in their trading. He will publish here his trades...
  2. H

    What are the best indicators available in forex trading?

    Besides following different type of chart analyses, for getting more sophisticated forex trading results you may also follow multiple indicators available in trading platform. Technical Indicators. Most of the traders prefer technical indicators using measuring support and resistance and...
  3. P

    Auto Trading Robot

    Forex trading ea is performed online via an electronic trading platform. Naturally, many traders are curious as to what the best trading platform software is. In fact, 'which Forex trading platform is the best?' is one of the main questions that a trader asks when starting their Forex journey...
  4. M

    doubt on Forex Trading

    Hi Friends, My friend(NRI) is having forex trading account in US and he is living in US. He requested me to trade forex on behalf of his account in USD combinations. As per my knowledge it is offense of trading USD combination. Could you please help me that can I do trading on behalf of...
  5. S

    Hello Forex traders !

    Hi, I am here to flourish with the full details about online Forex Trading.Hope I will be getting more response and ideas regarding Forex market.
  6. E

    How to Trade Forex Online?

    Trading foreign exchange on the currency market, also called trading forex, can be a thrilling hobby and a great source of investment income. To put it into perspective, the securities market trades about $22.4 billion per day; the forex market trades about $5 trillion per day. You can make a...
  7. E

    Forex Trading

    I'm a trader. Trading based on analysis and generating return above the cost of capital. Conducting extensive research on prevalent market requirements & justifying new product development investment through analysis of commodity future. Well aware of prevalent financial & economic...
  8. M

    Forex in India - Legal or Illegal

    I am a newbie here. I am trying my hands on forex trading and I want to open a read account with one good broker, but on some of the forums or blogs, I come to know It's illegal in india. A resident india cannot trade in foreign currency account or he can not remit money outside india for the...
  9. F

    Forex Broker with Forex Trading

    Can anyone suggest a good Forex Broker in India who can provide Forex trading Facilities along with Forex Trading training.:confused:
  10. F

    Hello Traders.....

    Hello every one........:) I am new to traderji. I am a trader in Forex Market & want to share & get some good information related to Forex Trading.........:cheers:
  11. M


    Hello all, I am Mitch roberts and new to this forum. I am ready to discuss on forex trading. Anyone interested? Thanks Mitch roberts
  12. R

    Opening forex account

    Can any one tell me, can i open forex trading account in alpari[uk] is there any problem to open account
  13. ikonforex

    Ikon forex EUR/USD fell down sharply from the highest point of this trading session

    Ikon forex Forex price of AUD/USD went below 1.000 Affected by the appreciation action in China, the forex price of AUD/USD slumped to below 1.000 in the market. Early in the Asia forex market on Monday (December 27), the forex price of AUD/USD slightly opened low and then it went down...
  14. R

    Trade Forex from India also

    Newbies wish to make serious money/living by forex trading...this thread is for us. Please do post your questions, answers and suggestions here. Please do not trade & learn....but...Learn and Trade.
  15. Fx-Tiger

    Forex Trading Questions(Advanced Strategies,etc)

    Forex Questions (Simple Trading, How to Start a Account) Hello Guys, I m Forex-Trader from South India. Started Trading at 2006. So Trading for 4 Years in Real Account. I m happy to help all who is very new to forex from India with simple questions and Answers. The Thread...
  16. Fx-Tiger

    Forex Trading for 4 Years, Fx-Tiger (Ask Anything about Forex)

    Hello All, I m Raj .... I started for Trading at 2006. My Uncles (Twin) are professional traders for 20 years in Forex and Indian Market..I see them and studied with them and now trading on my own with my foreign clients.... I just saw this forum while browsing about Indian...
  17. A

    online currency exchange... could use suggestions

    Hey guys, any trusted brokers for online trading forex in India? im looking to get started but im not too sure where to start. I could use some advice and tips. Thanks!:clap:
  18. M

    @@@ FREE!!! Make Rs. 5000/- daily in Forex Trading @@@

    Hello Traderji, I am Siddik from Mumbai interested in learning & trading forex. I am not regular to but once in a while I do come here to read & learn. I do have some basic knowledge in forex but lack any practical experience. Now coming to the purpose of this thread. I am sure...
  19. A

    hi all

    I had worked in various sectors in the banking industry: asset management, bank treasury, hedge fund and financial news provider. My experience and knowledge exposure me to equities,commodities and forex. With these experience and knowledge, I am now trading for a Living with my fully tested...
  20. Q

    Forex Paper Trading Game Sites

    Does anyone know which forex paper trading game sites are the best....and do any of the games play contests for real money? Please do reply.. Thanks..