Discount Broker Comparison

@timepass - check the links I gave you and you will find which broker is CM - clearing member or SCM - self clearing member - if they are neither they will most likely charge clearing fees as they will pay third party for clearing..
You can also check how many complaints / how many active traders/ how many proprietary trades out of total etc
also if regulator has fined for anything in last 3 years - you will see a pdf file with details or charge.
TP, they provide NEST

I don't use that, but I trade over the Alpha Web and Mobile platforms. As far as I know, there is a 1 sec delay in quotes compared to Nuvama (Edelweiss). That 1 sec delay is of no issue to my style of trading.

The backend is not integrated to trading platforms and so you would need to log in separately. The payout happens only on next day, unlike Nuvama where there are 3 batches run on the same day itself. Also, the Nuvama mobile app is way better than Alpha!

That said, SAS is a better broker to Nuvama. At Nuvama, there are couple of issues that still irritates me - one, they don't have a good browser based trading platform. Two, there is a issue in the way they calculate average price for multiple trades on the same security (this is pretty serious and they have not addressed it fully yet!).
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Have been trying Dhan for a few days. App is solid, smooth performance. Extras like easy shift between TV/trade IQ charts.
However, CSV of orders has some problems with font- not readable in Google docs or Libre office. Also, the order list is not scrollable in windows on the site. In the mobile app, it shows only orders till yesterday.
There is a free option builder like Sensibull. Some other free apps as well, I need to check them out.
I found that one contract note was missing some items. However, Dhan has a section showing PNL. It provided the details in a downloaded CSV file that was readable.