Comparison of clearing charges between discount brokers


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I had never thought that clearing charges are going to be different across brokers. But apparently there seems to be a big difference. I am listing out the charges with some of the brokers me and my friends use.

Zerodha and 5paisa are now 0 for futures and options
Upstox is Rs 20/crore for futures and Rs 500/crore on options
Samco is Rs 25/crore for futures and Rs 750/crore on options
Fyers is Rs 40/crore for futures and Rs 900/crore on options

A very active day trader might easily generate 1crore of option premium turnover a day, Rs 500 to Rs 900 potentially can add up over time.
Finvasia has been offering zero clearing charges since last 3 years. I think, the cost to trade is lowest with them.
These guys are really underated gems of the industry. I was with Zerodha for 2 years and in those 2 years, I saw several system breaking failures on high volatility days. I moved to Finvasia for its NSE NOW platform, Absolutely rock solid.

These guys don't have the best website designs or whatever but they give you contact numbers of every department. Sometimes it's just better to dial a department and speak to someone than leave a ticket and wait hours for a response to come.

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