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Waterbase along with Avanti Feed and Apex are in Shrimp business. The cost of raw material is going down and that could be major factor in revival of all three of them. Avanti feed being biggest firm in shrimp/frozen Shrimp business.

Could you check charts of other two firms too? my untrained eyes says they are going up faster then Waterbase

here, cost of Fishmeal

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edit: India's export is growing month on month even though prices are going down.

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Apex frozen foods seems to have already reversed from its longterm downtrend


Below is the chart of avanti feeds



It looks like have completed 5 wave decline and it is pulling back in daily time frame chart. This pull back might be abc or fresh impulsive waves if the previous 5 wave decline was part of some flat correction. its very unlikely to have flat correction. because i dont see any clear 3-3 waves for wave a and b of flat correction. So the 5 wave decline might most likely be a fresh impulsive down and the pull back might be abc. So need to be bit cautious on this stock when it is working on it wave C upwards in the pull back
Same could be the case for Apex frozen.Not quite sure because of less data. But I have marked only for the current movement on that stock.
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Bajaj Finance
Below is chart of Bajaj finance and it looks like its in subwave 4(green) of extended wave (5)blue.
This subwave is likely to take the shape of triangle (it could take any other shape of corrective pattern as well. but triangle is most likely)
I just wish the below count come true. Else I might have to do some rework on this count
Banknifty futures
Monday we might witness a mini crash like movement of 233 to 300+ points in banknifty. I could be wrong too. :)

Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd
It looks like have started its wave (3) few weeks back. we are in the middle of wave (3). Here wave (1) looks long so wave 3 might be less than 100% of wave 1 as well. But if it breaks 100% level then stock might double in the next 1-2 years. Even if it doesnt break we are still in middle of wave 3. so we will still wave wave 5 due. One way or the way, this stock is going to go up.
BNF, till trading above 32300/50 zone, no problem, it will proceed for 32500
Only if fails to sustain above 32300 then 32000 likely
and/or if fails to sustain above 32450/500 zone then anticipating a dip of 400/500 points or to 31800 around

ltp 32378


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DoT seeks Rs 1.72 trillion in past statutory dues from GAIL after SC ruling

The firm told DoT that it had obtained ISP licence in 2002 for a period of 15 years, which expired in 2017. But GAIL never did any business under the licence and since no revenue was generated it cannot pay any amount.
On IP-1 and IP-2 licences, GAIL has told DoT that it generated Rs 35 crore of revenue since 2001-02 and not Rs 2,49,788 crore that has been considered for levying past dues, they said.
Sources said the dues being sought are more than three times the networth of GAIL and several times the actual revenue earned.

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