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flood of videos on youtube and other social media giving teachings and recommendations especially post covid ..many jobless youngsters and work from guys and women have fell in this crap. No checks from regulators on this.
yes, when peoples is desperate they is thinked like desperate housewifes n desperate househusbands :pompus::DD:DD:DD someone show dream n they belief dream :pompus::DD:DD:DD if person is expert in stock market, he/she will not needs money from selling subscriptions of a few thousand rupees :pompus::DD:DD:DD most important thing is strong psychology, person must trading like robert :pompus::DD:DD:DD yes i likes julia robert she are beauty ladies :pompus::DD:DD:DD
As competitive as Corporates may seem it doesn't hold a candle to Politics.
People who are self-made in developing country politics need to be immensely ruthless; if only because everyone around him is an opportunist.
That usually only comes from having a very difficult past.

If it were a piano recital, I would back a dynast :DD
Kudos to the memer then, for accurately gauging the average Indian opinion on meritocracy, on a scale of piano-recital to politics. :)
On that note, enjoy one of my favorite dynast... I'll be Bach...

Since your offer is at 128, and there is a bid at 128, you will get a fill at 128.

If the offer price is below the best bid( highest bid), then you will still get fill at the best bid price.
If there is best bid at 128, and you punch 127 or 125, you will still sell at 128.

This is one way of making limit orders behave like mkt orders but in a controlled way.
Bhai, I asked because it didn't seem to work that way for options.
Today this option opened at 1.40. I'd placed my sell order at 1.10 yesterday night AMO.
I got price of 1.10 only not 1.40.


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