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Unless push from TCS , Technology stocks comes to join party now it's difficult to stay at 18k + level.
Reliance, Tisco are exhausted....
At end of day market give back all rise....
Reliance kept SP group in high and dry.
Investors anger rising sharply against Sterling and Wilson.
Who is behind all of this....

Mukesh Ambani buys two green firms in a day, brings REC Group and Pallonji's Sterling into Reliance fold

The promoters had raised Rs 2,850 crore from the public through an IPO in 2019, but subsequently failed to repay the loans of the company a year later, though it was promised in the prospectus. This created a future among shareholders who demanded an exit for their investments citing a breach of trust.
Today's leadership by all Banknifty Stocks

Bajaj Twins, Tata Motors, Titan, Tata Power, Maruti providing support.
Power minister says we have ample coal is available in India
It's half truth our coal has less calorific value and its self ignite property. It's considered bad coal in international market.
As efficiency goes down may go for repetitive shutdowns . This is costly and very tedious process also time consuming.
As I worked with coal industry design Engineering, I may be having knowledge of very small part but issues are there.
Why government is not transparent on any issues...
Haven't hit the drawing board again for nifty :)
By me tops 17600 for this season if we are to cut deep citing coal and oil problems. Dips are good for us since we can again gain entries in our stocks for swings.

I play in stocks - small positions, index is just for my friends. Requested them to play delta neutral strategies or hedged all are learning including me


Hope it's not 18K- 17800-17600-17400-17200 may be in this order....:cool:
DMart crosses 4600
New ATH 4603

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