Commodity Pulse 1.0 released (Stable version)

Hey guys. I have just released an update for Commodity Pulse. The refresh time and lag has been cut by a third, UI has been improved, and most importantly there are no more annoying errors. Please check it out at Google Play.

You can also follow the latest development on twitter.

You are welcome to provide me feedback and request new features here or email me at [email protected] or on Twitter.

Stable version 1.0 released. If you are having trouble please remove the old version before installing v 1.0.
Provides delayed quotes for commodities traded on MCX.
Key features:
1) MULTIPLE portfolio creation & value tracking
2) Watchlist - Track prices of user selected commodities quickly and set PRICE ALERTS.
3) Spread Analysis - Track calender or inter-commodity spreads, and never miss a profitable opportunity.
4) Ability to quickly share spreads/price information with others.
5) Export your portfolio to CSV fro backup and sharing.

What's in this version:
1) Commodity price alerts - never miss a trading opportunity.
2) Significantly lower refresh timing.
3) Track multiple portfolios.
4) Ability to export the portfolio in CSV format.
5) Summary tab with daily commodity news.
6) Several BUG fixes. No more crashes and invisible text.
7) Better sharing options with your contacts.
8) Tab specific help included. Look for the '?' button.

****Next Update***
1) Technical Analysis - Plot indicators based on daily historical prices (coming soon)
2) Spread alerts (coming soon)
3) NCDEX link
4) NSE/BSE Futures
We thank you for all your feedback. Please continue sending feature request and feedbacks to [email protected].
We are unable to reply to queries posted here but will gladly do so when contacted at the email given above.

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