1. I

    Commodity Pulse 1.0 released (Stable version)

    Hey guys. I have just released an update for Commodity Pulse. The refresh time and lag has been cut by a third, UI has been improved, and most importantly there are no more annoying errors. Please check it out at Google Play. You can also follow the latest development on twitter. You are...
  2. C

    New Android App for MCX prices

    A friend has created a nice android app to keep track of commodity prices on MCX. I love the spread tracking feature. Check it out. Commodity Pulse Download Copied and pasted from google play:
  3. A

    Mobile sell shares on mobile???????

    Hi..i have an online account with ventura..but you know i can't sit in front of computer for too long as i have other works..thats why i want to buy sell shares on method to do this would be like this if your broker provides browser based trading i.e trading from their website..then...
  4. P

    Mobile Application - International stock information on hand

    This is an easy-to-use financial mobile application for Windows Mobile devices that support international stock market. Trial version available.
  5. vssoma

    Software to track real time streaming data for mobile

    hi, i want to track my watch list in my mobile. is there any software to track real time streaming data for mobile. thank you,