Can you make money by short term trading?

Have you made money by short term/intraday trading?

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    Votes: 29 76.3%
  • No

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why we need to label ourselves in terms of time? I guess there is no need. but, the time plays crucial role in trading and as a result in our real life.

a) time is one of the 3 components of TA
b) we have to pay rent monthly and here comes time like most of our expenses/income.
c) you should worry about time because you are over leveraged ... and you need to book your profits/losses ... within the time (intraday) for example.

a filthy rich onion trader (or someone who deals with a commodity that will not expire), know the value of the commodity (supply) he deals with .... so he will buy low and sell when the price he desires is available (demand).

so break free of all the chains... you tie you up ... playfully .... sell high and buy low .... if trade does not play well .. duck and get out. try again when an optimum conditions comes up.

i aim for 2% when i am winning. i will put as many group of trades ... i want ... till i achieve this ... no matter if its seconds, hours or days ... if in trouble exit at breakeven ... again in a group of trades.

ps: see my footer for more clues.
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For sure it's possible to make money that way, especially at the start of your trading career. Lot of people want to concentrate on some real money here for everything else like that and that is just obvious anyway for doing so. I for sure need to get real with this.
Yes, you can really. In some of the average cases it's really how it's done in many many cases anyway. Lot of novices doing it that way and do not budge. Do some long trades require more money and some more experience anyway.
Sure you can, there are tons of people who really make money only by that method anyway and I want you to understand that it really needs to be implemented by a lot of different ways. Can we do something with that or not ? I do hope it's not really. Can we ?
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