Reliance Money Shorting questions


I am a newbie so pardon for these basic qns - these are specific to Rmoney.

1. I hold some shares in my demat acct. If i sell them in morning and buy them back before 2:50pm, will it be considered margin trading or delivery trading? (So brokerage will be margin or intraday?)

2. How do i sell shares that i do not have in my demat acct? Can i simply select any security and sell it? (and buyback before 2:50 pm)?


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if you wish to buy and sell for same day, why dont you use the Intraday Option instead of buying/selling in cash.

when you do intraday trading, you will get auto-square off or will be allowed to even your position by 3:00 PM.

Also using the intraday option will not affect your portfolio and the shares therein would remain intact until you are in margin call (lost too much and company would need instant money or would square off your held shares to recover outstanding)

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