Can you make money by short term trading?

Have you made money by short term/intraday trading?

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I have yet to meet a trader who has made money just by trading. But considering the sheer number of traders we have in our country, I wonder whether people are really making money? Logic being that if something doesnt work than such a large number of people should not be following it.

I am myself a long term fundamental investor. I see that even full time analysts on cnbc, brokers, etc are falling short of targets than how can someone with a full time job in another sector excel in trading? So I never ventured into this.


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Its the drawdowns in one's career that has to be reckoned with :D


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I generally trade 5 min to 15 min intraday charts. Doing it from a few years.

The first 6 months involved lot of money lost + accounts blown. After that, I started to learn and organize myself. Now, I thank god that I committed trading full time and didn't quit :) .
I am a full time intraday and swing trader specially. Left with me with any commodity I can make money 80-85% time. Yes I agree 2-3 time I made big blunders now complete control on that. My daily minimum target is 2% of my capital. Last year I made good money in my client account in international then some disputes for commission. Even I got good money in few lakhs but spend that money on parties as In expectation of getting my $6000 commission due which I decided not spend. But unfortunately client cheated me and I got trouble. Then started in Mcx and 90% time made good money for others but in India too cheated though making 50000 to 1 laksh weekly for them but all run away. Only get 10000in total from them though 30% by share. After that begged my family for money and may be bad time again then got some loss in 2 months due to some 1-2 trade due to over leverage and second or third price come but margin was high so have to cut. Then I decided to improve my self and back in business from January and again in profit after recovering all losses now again in profit. My daily minimum expectation is 2% of my capital. But it is not compulsory sometime 2% , some time 1% , some time10% like that. And out of 20 days in month may be 1-2 small losses. But hope this time I will not repeat my mistake of spending my money on bullshit parties as when you get bad time no one is going to help you even you owe money from them. Now decided upto next 31/03/2018 atleast I be at home only and make my money.Only will go out for important work. Even I dont face such problem if some people of my family would help that time then same loosing trade me rs 3-4 laksh profit now. Anyways moral of the story is one can make profit but he should not be greedy or feary, discipline, and dont overleverage how much smart are you or dont over trade. Even you dont know trading at expert level but you can earn money in any time frame. If you follow some rules. Of that sl at right level is also a part. Many people argue 1%-2% of capital. That is bullshit. You need to check what is probability of market to be in your direction, what is standard level where market can betray you and wait for entry as far as possible near your level of sl. Many people after getting tip or advice jump immediately with trade but atleast they should learn to observe candlestick so that they can judge their entry in better way as many times sl hit and come in our direction and they say are Sl lagana hi nai chahiye unko sab pata hai. But if you know valid levels then 80-90% time you can be winner. But as I told above condition is important. It my life experience I shared. Hope this year be as good as last year first half. But no party till I become little big.

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