any better service provider, than ICICIdirect?

Friends, I would like to know if anyone had done a comparative study of online trading services by various service providers like ICICIdirect, Kotak, Sharekhan etc.

I am having my a/c with ICICIdirect, and lately it is leaving me with tremendous frustration. I even lost few sell-opportunities. The online interface throws you out when you are in the middle of placing the order, or doing something important. Many times it does not show you the Portfolio, and complains of a vague JAVA Exception, thus it cripples you of making decisions. They seem to shut down the system during the whole of weekend, means you can't even login during the weekend.

I would like to know if there is any better online trading service provider (high-availability is of primary concern to me at this time).

Thanks in advance for your responses.
Im in the same boat...and looks like indiabulls and 5paise have better online facilities. Im still trying to figure....i have missed both buy and sell!
Today, we are not able to login at all!!
It is giving a message that, login is allowed only after 12 Noon!!
I am loosing good selling opportunities. Whom should we complain.....!?

I was planning to switch to another provider. But, I don't know the procedure and how much extra I have to pay!!

It is disappointing to hear about how being one of the largest broking outfits in India treats its customers. This problem happened over the weekend and what is surprising is that they have not been able to sort out this issue. It is very surprising thet they DO NOT have a back up plan. This inefficiency on their part speaks of their attitude to the online investing community.

I am sure that you will see many more better service providers once India opens up its doors to the international financial sector.

I have HAD ENOUGH OF this "CHALTA HAI" attitude. DO we have recourse to complain to a regulator regarding this problem??? What recourse do we have???

Yep...and after 12 its showing the darned message!

(2) : Site is not available due to some technical reason.
Please contact site administrator

God save us! I have repeatedly written to the tech support..but of no use...
And now it says:

Due to technical reasons, your orders currently are not being forwarded to the exchange...

Do these guys know that they are supposed to provide a scalable if not highly efficient solution...when are we gonna be like schwab/scotttrade/fidelity......

Ofcourse its ironical that we were the ones who built those systems for the market in states!

Try SHAREKHAN. Quite good. Everything integrated and convenient. Very professional service. But different login's for NSE & BSE. Even 5paisa is good with both BSE & NSE on the same screen. Quite fast too. LAyout is bit cumbersome. Reasonable brokerage. :)

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