AMIBROKER IEOD Database (01 Sep 08 to 15 Dec 09)


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I had been thinking of a tiny utility to make my life bit more easy but never got time until today. I created this tiny utility to automate the process of downloading all the IEOD data files from Invest Bulls's servers and extract them as well to the folder you specify.

I am yet to code the automatic import feature for the AmiBroker which I am not expecting to complete until next month as I may not get time after today :)

Download the file here:

I am very much expecting bugs as this was all done in just 2hours... please report them to me.


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IB IEOD Downloader by Vikas


I would also like to contribute software since I have programming background but the problem is that I am into web-based platforms(PHP, MySQL, AJAX) and have no idea about desktop languages. :)

I did make an attempt to learn C++ in the past :eek: , but the compiling errors got on my nerves and I quit :(
Hi Guys

I am having some problems while importing the data. I am new to Amibroker and from what i read from the help files and the procedure mentioned in the first post in the thread, i followed it correctly, but I am not getting any charting data:eek:

I did the following steps to import data:

  1. Created a Database by File --> New --> Databse and named it as NSE-iEOD
  2. Created NSE_IEOD.format file and entered the code mentioned in the first post in that.
  3. Added
    NSE_IEOD format (*.txt)|*.txt|NSE_IEOD.format
    inside import.types

  4. Extracted the zipped folder
  5. Did File --> Import ASCII and selected NSE_IEOD as file format.
  6. But what should I select here? I only see folders named 1,2,3, etc etc and then A,B,C

Can anyone tell me where am I going wrong?:(


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Once you extract the downloaded database... you need not to Import that one... just open database.

Go to "Tools->Preferences->Data" tab
Click on "Pick" and browse for the folder where you downloaded the database... not from next time you open AmiBroker this database will be opened automatically.